You Can’t Pour Gasoline On Yourself And Hope No One Strikes A Match

Indie booksellers risk alienating the only groundswell movement willing and able to support them – small-time writers publishing through Amazon.

Read this entire opinion piece exclusively at The Review Girl.

“Sure, us indie authors who empathize could always can print our stuff through Lulu, just like you can plan your trip to the bookstore using Mapquest, pay for that new YA urban fantasy novel with your Discover card and post a review on your MySpace account… but why on earth would you? It’s simply more advantageous for writers to work with the largest distributor on the planet who will publish and print their work on-demand in high quality and ship anywhere. But as any writer knows a coldly efficient virtual storefront isn’t enough to gain readership in this age of community-based person-to-person interaction. Once published and printed by Amazon, those glossy books and novels are best carried by the armful to the nearest independent bookstore for signings, readings and old-fashioned monetary-based socializing among the charmingly stained carpets, slightly overpriced espresso drinks and the occasional wandering cat.”

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