Stockholm’s “Very Unofficial Soundtrack”

I made this just for you.

Figuring you could use something to listen to or just fill in the space, somewhere in the background, unobtrusively enough to distract from the buzzing of the fridge or the scratching and thudding from your least favorite neighbor, while while enjoying “Stockholm”.

So, I spent a late night compiling a playlist of music that seemed to reflect, refract, remind and bring more depth to the story.

It’s loosely organized according to the arc of the novel and although it won’t offer more than abstract hints, you might feel a sort of theme or continuity building.

I use the term “very unofficial” not just to dodge any legal hassles (there’s no file sharing involved here) but more importantly to reserve the “official soundtrack”, if there could be one, for Ulver’s “Perdition City“.

I first discovered Ulver through this album, some time in late ’99 and it’s provided me with massive, endless inspiration ever since.  To say it helped me develop “Stockholm” would be an incredible understatement, nearly as incredible as the album itself.  It’s self-described as “music to an interior film” and I can’t think of anything better to say other than ‘go buy it now’.

Then, sit back and relax with the Stockholm “very unofficial soundtrack”.  The music itself is a collection of fairly uncommon cuts, many of which are talented artists covering slightly more talented artists, maybe creating a simultaneous sense of nostalgia and familiarity.

Or you might just dig it like a mix tape.

Head over to Grooveshark and enjoy.

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