Kindle Author Interviews Kian Kaul

Failed sitcom pilots, condescending to female characters and French existentialism?

Kian Kaul, author of Stockholm, discusses his book, his journey as a writer, and self-publishing with Kindle Author…

DAVID WISEHART: What can you tell us about Stockholm?

KIAN KAUL: It’s hardly news that dystopian novels are hot right now, but Stockholm isn’t merely that, it’s more of a satire enveloping dystopia, modern media and social technology into a sort of “sitcom” format. The setup is simple—an incredibly ambitious but unemployed creative type gets himself into increasing amounts of trouble with the advertising and entertainment industry. He inadvertently makes an actress famous with a campaign that he wasn’t really supposed to be working on and naturally he falls for her, but pursuing her isn’t going to be quite that simple. He unwittingly becomes caught up in a very political power struggle. Meanwhile, happening in the background, are slowly-evolving social changes that could change the way we live, permanently. Whether these changes are beneficial or harmful is anybody’s guess. The whole book is actually designed like a season of a cable television show, so there aren’t traditional chapters, per se, but I encourage people to pick Stockholm up and read one episode at a time, casually. It’s actually more fun that way.


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